Luigi Wewege Reviews Business Practices of Australian Sports Companies


luigi wewege sports companyRecognizing the potential shift in the business of sport in Australia due to the recent arrival of Decathlon, Luigi Wewege took a few moments to look over the practices being employed by the companies most likely to be affected by the introduction of a new competitor into the sporting goods and apparel marketplace. Decathlon, known to be more focused on offering the so-called “passion brands” it designs and tests internally, appears poised to alter the landscape of what has become an incredibly valuable industry, one in which Australians spent over $4 billion on sportswear, shoes and equipment in 2016 alone.

With its warehouse-style stores and passion brands, Decathlon is most likely to have an impact on the value of Amart, which tends to be cheaper overall but is not able to match the prices set by its soon-to-be competitor in the more fashionable brands and private labels. While there is certainly nothing wrong with healthy competition in any industry, the battle for superiority in the Australian sporting goods and apparel market should be one worth watching over the months and years that follow.

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